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A video archive, often referred to as a video library or video repository, is a collection of recorded video content that is systematically organized, stored, and made accessible for future reference, research, or other purposes. Video archives can vary widely in size and purpose, ranging from small personal collections to extensive institutional archives. Here are some key points about video archives.


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Complement Zoom Meetings

Complementing a Zoom meeting typically involves adding additional tools, resources, or actions to enhance the meeting experience. Here are some ways user can complement a Zoom meeting:
Meeting Agenda: Agenda and any relevant documents of meeting are very important to share among the participants before the meeting. This will help them prepare and ensure a more productive discussion.
Screen Sharing: Zoom's screen sharing feature is to be utilised to showcase the software and documents to participants in real-time.
Slide Presentations: Other powerful aids are the presentation slides that can be shared in the meeting.
Chat and Messaging: Zoom's chat feature can be used for text-based communication during the meeting. Through which asking questions, sharing links, and taking notes are easy.
Recording the Meeting: The meeting can be recorded for participants who can't attend in real-time.
Feedback and Evaluation: Feedback from participants can continuously improve future meetings. By complementing the Zoom meeting with these elements, a more engaging, productive, and well-organized virtual meeting can be held.

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